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Why Nobody Is Talking About Eating Disorder Argumentative Essay and What You Should be Doing Right Now About It

Why Nobody Is Talking About Eating Disorder Argumentative Essay and What You Should be Doing Right Now About It The Basics of Eating Disorder Argumentative Essay Physical effects of bulimia can be more difficult to detect as there's usually no dramatic weight reduction, and in several cases is simply the maintenance of weight regardless of the food binges they have. Eating disorder is also a sort of mental illness. Orthorexia is most likely one of the lesser-known eating disorders. Associated physical problems incorporate sore and inflamed throat for a consequence of induced vomiting, which might eventually result in a difficulty in swallowing. Anorexia can be a root cause of several troubles and raise a range of meaningful questions. Bulimia is a state that is intricately linked with emotions and mental well-being. It is binging and then purging to make up for the calories. My bulimia developed at the time of 14, essay was a consequence of feeling out of control in eating an excessive amount of discursive then I began wanting to shed weight compulsively so I opted to purge it out to soothe myself. Argumentative essay topics are so important since they are debatableand it's critical to at all times be critically considering the world around us. To locate argumentative essay topics easy on various platforms, you will need to comprehend about the argumentative essay. Argumentative essay topics cover a wide number of subjects, and can be quite persuasive if a top quality essay represents them. The topics for argumentative essays are frequently very self-explanatory they're common understanding. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics since you need opposing points that you may counter to your own points. You don't need to lose grades because of incorrect essay format. To write a fantastic argumentative essay the students first must investigate several sides of the argument, allowing them to make an educated stance. The genuine leadership essay is simple to read and understand. Choosing great essay topics for middle school must be a careful procedure, where a balance needs to be struck between topics that might be too simplistic, more appropriate for the main school, and choosing argumentative essay topics that could be too elaborate or controversial. Opinion essay own enterprise. Take into consideration your essay for a conversation or debate. Eating Disorder Argumentative Essay at a Glance As an issue of fact, the content of your essay is dependent on what you're likely to write about. Media is all around us, we're surrounded by different kinds of media twenty-four hours each day seven days per week. There are a number of thumb rules for argumentative essay subjects to prevent clashes, yet earning a point at the exact same time. Words if stated the incorrect way can deviate from your idea, even if you didn't mean it that manner. Obviously, the central intention of your upcoming essay is going to be about the anorexia, but your task is going to be to discuss it from a specific angle. To be certain you are on the most suitable way you require help in writing your paperwork. The 5-Minute Rule for Eating Disorder Argumentative Essay Argumentative essay social networking the great thing regarding scholarship grants together with your point out also offer you lots of scholarships. So, the choice of the topic is very important. Once you choose the best topic you shall allow it to be attractive to the reader. Bear in mind the fashion of the question you're answering and don't begin introducing new topics merely to pad out your answer. Don't forget that a fantastic argumentative essay on anorexia is impossible without a good foundation in the kind of some appropriate evidence. If you're looking for examples of argumentative essays, here's a sample that will help you out! Take a look at our top completely free essays on strictly ballroom linked to belonging to aid you write your own essay. Nevertheless, your essay needs to be well-grounded, and all of your ideas, along with statements about anorexia that you wish to argue, needs to be reasonable and relevant. No matter which sort of paper you're requested to write because all kinds of research paper are written by the expert writers. Each of these varieties of paper is owned by the category of informative essay. Analyzing a present event appears to be a favorite topic chosen for argumentative essays. To start with, local newspaper papers are sometimes a good place to discover interesting argumentative essay topics.

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Accounting Theory- Stakeholders - 1220 Words

Question: Taking into account Figure 3.4 on page 45 of your textbook (Stakeholder Typology: One, Two, or Three Attributes Present) discuss the ‘Ethics in Practice case’ on page 46 (Are Plants and Flowers Stakeholders? Do they have rights?) Freeman (1984, P. 46) popularized the definition of a stakeholder as ‘. . . ANY group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization’s objectives’. This is a very broad definition meaning that in today’s global business environment any individuals and groups may be business’s stakeholders (Davey, 2015). This sparks the debate about whether or not the natural environment can be identifiable as a stakeholder. In the ethics in practice case ‘Are Plants and Flowers†¦show more content†¦Legitimacy- This perceives appropriateness or a shareholder’s claim to a stake. Stakeholder legitimacy is defined as a ‘desirable social good’, and legitimate stakeholders are those that ‘really count’ (Mitchell et al., 1997). Stakeholders with an obvious, formal and direct relationship to the company such as owners, customers, and employees have a high degree of legitimacy. Authors excluding the natural environment from being a stakeholder say the natural environment does not have a degree of legitimacy because of it lack of human characteristics and a lack of perceived obligation between it and organizations (Phillips and Reichart, 2000). However Haigh and Griffiths (2009) argue that the natural environment is a legitimate stakeholder because managers address environmental issues to maintain their ‘right to operate’. Urgency- Urgency is the degree to which an issue requires immediate action (Mitchell et al., 1997). Extreme weather, as a result of climate change fits this description because it can have devastating impacts. For example, major environmental disasters (e.g. storms and tsunamis) demand urgency and power as they often result in life threatening situations. This results in legitimacy as they require immediate reaction due to the nature of destruction and the effects on the economic, physical and social environment (Davey, 2015). Power- Power is the ability to influence others toShow MoreRelatedTess666 Words   |  3 PagesUtility of Stakeholder Theory for Sustainable Business Introduction Strategies employed by international companies to gain competitive advantage over their rivals differ from one company to another. One way of doing this is ensuring that they are environmentally conscious in how they partake their activities. In this modern age, they should not only focus on profit making but also consider how their activities affect the stakeholders of the business; hence the stakeholder model. The Stakeholder ModelRead MoreCorporate Governance : Good Business Management1658 Words   |  7 Pagesefficient, effective, honest, transparent and democratic. A company with high quality management will have access to financing (public or private) in better conditions and terms. This implies appropriate business decisions to reach a higher level of accounting transparency, more efficiently managing business problems, and giving people, who are not involved in decision making, the guarantee that their interests are well protected (Monks 2011, p.10). But the most important, perhaps, is that a good implementationRead MoreStakeholder Theory Of The Firm1423 Words   |  6 PagesEven though the stakeholder theory of the firm served as a comprehensive fundamentally solid concept for corporate social responsibility to branch out of; without the stakeholder theory of the firm there is no corporate social responsibility and vice versa, because business cannot exist without society and soci ety is not sustainable without business, due to advancements in the modern world, business and society have evolved, and traditional business theories have a narrow business scope, while contemporaryRead MoreStakeholders Theory5106 Words   |  21 PagesThe stakeholder theory is a theory of organizational management and business ethics that addresses morals and values in managing an organization.[1] It was originally detailed by R. Edward Freeman in the book Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach, and identifies and models the groups which are stakeholders of a corporation, and both describes and recommends methods by which management can give due regard to the interests of those groups. In short, it attempts to address the Principle of WhoRead MoreManagerial Stakeholder Theory - Essay2991 Words   |  12 PagesManagerial Stakeholder Theory To predict real-life phenomena we need theories. Similarly, stakeholder theory is a theory which is used to explain the phenomena of motivation for corporate social disclosures. This research work is based on the concept of stakeholder theory and its practical applications in predicting the phenomena of corporate social disclosures (van der Laan 2009). Further there will be explanation of Managerial stakeholder theory. The concept of stakeholder theory has got popularityRead MoreEssay on Financial Accounting Theory1727 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿QUESTION 1 a. Outline the objective and the principles of a theory that prescribes fair value accounting. Fair value accounting is to measure selected assets at fair value. Fair value is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants. The objective of fair value accounting is linked with the objective of ‘decision usefulness’ of general purpose financial reporting. That is, to provide relevant information thatRead MoreEthical Concerns in Corporate Finance: A Closer Look at Earnings Management1640 Words   |  7 Pagesconcern in the corporate world. With the flexible accounting standards under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Accounting Standards (IAS), there are many grey areas of what is, and is not, ethical. Earnings management falls in this grey area. Earnings management is the term used to describe the process of manipulating earnings of the firm to achieve a target predetermined by management. The flexibility of accounting standards may cause some variability in earningsRead MoreBusiness Law and Ethics Case Study1141 Words   |  5 PagesPart A Utilitarianism Upon applying utilitarianism theory to Tom’s current situation, Tom would maximise the greatest good and increase the happiness of more people and parties by exaggerating his work experience. The first party that would benefit from this is his parents. As was said in the case study (2014), Tom’s mother had lost her job a few years ago and has remained unemployed since. Tom’s father has also not been doing well financially, as his business has not been doing well as of latelyRead MoreThe Theory Provided By Magarey1617 Words   |  7 PagesThe theory provided by Magarey (2012) indicates that there are several elements in this article associated with this research question: a. The revolution is that integrated reporting provides assistance for the company to prepare the financial and non-financial reporting together for the stakeholders, which makes the company to consider the long term goal of the company (i.e., Hillman Keim 2001). b. The IR enhances the involvement of stakeholders, it creates the most effective and transparentRead MoreAdvanced Accounting Theory Project Essay1596 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Do corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports provide shareholders and stakeholders with useful information on corporate social and environmental performance or are they merely a public relations vehicle? Answer this question by reference to a variety of accounting theories. There are many definitions to Corporate Social responsibility(CSR). One most common definition is that CSR is the consideration and response of the firm to issues that are beyond the regular technical, legal, and environmental

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Introduction to Economic System - 3031 Words

What is system? System (from Latin systema, in turn from Greek systÄ“ma) is a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole. A group of interdependent items that interact regularly to perform a task. Economic System An economic system is a system that involves the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services between the entities in a particular society. The economic system is composed of people and institutions, including their relationships to productive resources, such as through the convention of property. In a given economy, it is the systemic means by which problems of economics are addressed, such as the economic problem of scarcity through allocation of finite†¦show more content†¦A central directorate controls the production of goods and services. The directorate decides the nature, quantity, and mood of production of goods. This distribution of goods is also directed by the central body. Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society. Modern socialism originated in the late nineteenth-century working class political movement. Karl Marx posited that socialism would be achieved via class struggle and a proletarian revolution which represents the transitional stage between capitalism and communism. Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how, and to what extent this could be achieved Some features of socialism are written below 1. Socialism is not a discrete philosophy of fixed doctrine and program 2. Its branches advocate a degree of social interventionism and economic rationalization, sometimes opposing each other. 3. Another dividingShow MoreRelatedIntroduction A system is a network of parts which interlock to form an overall pattern. An economic1500 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction A system is a network of parts which interlock to form an overall pattern. An economic system is a pattern of organisation which is aimed at solving the three central questions discussed in the previous sections. Economic systems do not always work well, but they are often so vast and complicated that it is quiet marvellous that they work at all. Mohr Fourie.(2008. P42). Scarcity is the fundamental challenge confronting all individuals and nations. We cannot always get what we wantRead MorePersonal Finance959 Words   |  4 Pagessolutionsmanualtb.com click it ,it has the list Introduction to governmental and not-for-profit accounting, 7/e martin ives terry k. Patton solutions manual and test bank Introduction to information systems 2e canadian ed rainer cegielski splettstoesser hogeterp sanchez rodriguez instructor manual Introduction to logic, 14e irving m. Copi solutions manual and test bank Introduction to managerial accounting 6e brewer garrison solutions manual and test bank introduction to organic and biochemistry, 8th editionRead MoreArticle: Euro Effects1717 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Euro Effects Introduction European Monetary System (EMU) is the arrangement by following which most EU (European Union) nations have connected their currencies to put a stop to great changeability and vacillations relative to one another. It was in 1979 that this system was organized in order to soothe and stabilize the foreign exchange and respond to price increases among member nations. However, sporadic changes not only elevated the values of strong currencies but at the same time, loweredRead MoreModernization of Japan: The Meiji Restoration Essay638 Words   |  3 PagesThe Meiji Restoration played a significant role in the modernisation of Japan. The Meiji period was a time of political and social revolution. It brought momentous social, political and economic changes to Japan, and these changes became the foundation of the Japan we know today. Prior to the 1868 Restoration, Japan was a militarily weak country with a feudal agricultural society, and was controlled by feudal lords. When the Meiji peri od ended with the Emperors death in 1912, Japan was a well-developedRead MoreDefinition Of A Social Institution1281 Words   |  6 Pagesidentified the social institution in the article as ‘economic’. Economic Institution There are five common types of social institutions: economic, governmental, family, educational, religious. They are the principal structures in all societies and relate to general factors of social life and life overall. The chosen article relates to salary matter of males and females that is a part of the economic institution. General information In the textbook ‘Introduction to sociology’ stated that in sociology, economyRead MoreObjectives of Macroeconomics1477 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction to Macroeconomics Chapter 1 Introduction to Macroeconomics 1.1 INTRODUCTION †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ Economics is divided into two main branches: microeconomics and macroeconomics. Macro means large, and micro means small. Microeconomics takes a close-up view of the economy by concentrating on the choices made by individual participants in the economy such as consumers, workers, business managers and investors. Microeconomics stresses on the role of prices in business and personal decisionsRead MoreThe Invention Of An Invention1685 Words   |  7 Pagesa new product or process and its commercial and social exploitation. Thus, to turn an invention into an innovation, a firm, requires combining numerous types of knowledge, skills, capabilities, market knowledge, a properly functioning distribution system and sufficient finances. In a firm the sources of innovation can be both internal and external. The former includes research and development, design, tooling up and marketing while the later are capital goods and equipment, consultancy, licences andRead MoreIndustrialization During The Industrial Revolution1180 Words   |  5 Pageschanged from home businesses to machine-aided production in factories. This was after the factory system evolved from the cottage industry just at the beginning of Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century. The cottage industry was driven by workers who woul d buy raw materials from merchants and then take it home so that they could produce specific commodities. It was a slow and tedious system because the items were made by hand. Additionally, the workers’ productivity was also low. SubsequentlyRead MoreAn Optimistic Vantage Point On Human Existence And Natural Behavior897 Words   |  4 Pages From an optimistic vantage point on human existence and natural behavior, a Democratic Confederate Socialist government system spanning across the world, canvassing all separate countries that exist today, would be ideal. Being Democratic, it would serve to promote the ideas and serve the needs of the people for which it is created--fulfilling the social contract theory of John Locke. Being a Confederacy, instead of following a Unitary or Federal structure, it would serve even more to that end,Read MoreCOMMERCIAL BANKS AND NEW CAPITAL REGULATION Essay1050 Words   |  5 Pages COMMERCIAL BANKS AND NEW CAPITAL REGULATION MAF 202 - GROUP ASSIGNMENT Prepared By Group 26: Simardeep Sran - 211689444 Due: September 12, 2013 School of Accounting, Economics and Finance Deakin University, Burwood Campus August 30, 2013 Dear John Ovens, Letter of Transmittal We wish to present to you a research report regarding commercial banks and new capital regulation prepared through collective collaboration

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Bookmarks free essay sample

A cool breeze tousled my hair, and the familiar scent of salt stimulated my nose. An old blue sweatshirt guarded my body against the cold October day. The sky was bright blue like an Easter egg that had been left in the dye a tad too long. It was a rocky beach with a sparse amount of coarse, damp sand of various colors. Massive charcoal-gray boulders jutted defiantly out of the sound, forming a jetty a few hundred feet long. The beach was desolate, empty of life, save for my father, my mother, my little sister and a few sea gulls. We came to the beach that Saturday, as we did every year, to spend time together, eat a little and enjoy the vast, open body of water before stopping off for some ice cream and heading on home. My sister and I played together on the shore. She hunted for smooth round rocks as I tried to make them skip across the placid water. We will write a custom essay sample on Bookmarks or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Mom and Dad sat on a rock and spoke quietly and happily, smiling at each other and occasionally both shooting a glance at us as we played. Even though we visited that same beach every year, it was never thought of as a family tradition, as Thanksgiving with the cousins or decorating the Christmas tree were. Those drives to the north shore of Long Island in the beat-up old mini-van seemed spontaneous and fresh each year, never repetitive or boring. Each time when we returned home, I felt a warm, close feeling toward my family. Those times alone with them were what got us through the hard days when Dad was unemployed and became fond, comforting memories from the best of times. Gazing into the huge body of water made me think of how immense the world must be, how strong my family was to exist as one in it. Since we have moved from Long Island and I have grown up, I have not been back to that beach in years. Life seems so much more hectic now; I find myself backing out of family outings more frequently. There is always a term paper to write or a meeting to attend or a friend to be with. I look back at those clean, bright days with my family as bookmarks in a volume of my life, pages that have been written long ago but which I can always turn back to for comfort.

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Schneiders Foods Marketing Mix

Introduction The purpose of this report is to evaluate the marketing mix of Schneiders food, past marketing strategies and prospects in the future to suggest changes.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Schneiders Food’s Marketing Mix specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Company Background The last large traditional manufacturing plants â€Å"Schneiders food† established in Canada In 1890 to produce packaged processed meats, poultry and grocery products; this company runs as a subsidiary of Maple Leaf Foods (Schneiders 1 and Mercer 1). Marketing Mix of Schneiders Food (Maple Leaf Foods) Products Schneiders Food, being a brand of Maple Leaf Food, offers a wide variety of products like Bacon, Cold-Cuts-and-Deli-Meats, Ham, Hot Dogs, Sausages, ham stuffed tomatoes, Country-Naturals, and Lunchmate as well as many other items. According to MLF (1), Maple Leaf Food offers high quality products through br ands like Schneiders, Dempster’s, POM, Mitchell’s Gourmet-Foods, Bon-Matin, Burns, Olivieri, Maple Leaf Prime Naturally, and so on; moreover, products like Dempster’s and Bon-Matin-Healthy-Way with ProCardio are exclusive recipes designed to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure-levels; conversely, ThinkFOOD is formed to expand the company’s bakery and protein-based products. The company’s Meat-Products-Group comprises value-added fresh-meats, chilled and ready-to-cook products, ready-to-serve products, and packaged-meats; moreover, Bakery-Products-Group comprises breads, rolls, ethnic-breads, bagels, croissants, morning-goods, baked-goods, and pastas, whereas the Agribusiness-Products-Group possesses biodiesel production and hog production operations Price According to the annual report 2011 of Maple Leaf Foods, it increased the price of packaged meat products due to volatility of the price of raw meat products and the rationale of this strategy was to increase aggregate profit margin this firm. On the other hand, Mercer (1) stated that it needed to invest large amount in order to expand its business operation in Hamilton and other place; therefore, the management of this company decided to boost the price. At the same time, the management of parent company of Schneiders food increased the price to balance the restructuring costs of $2.5 million and to face the challenge of operating costs, for example, annual income from poultry processing business decreased drastically because of continuous raises in live bird costs.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Place Packaged food products of this company was popular both in national and international markets (particularly in the American and European market), for example, in home, it operated in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia; however, Maple Leaf Foods would like to restructure the business by starting operation in new place or closing unprofitable centers (Schneiders 1 and Mercer 1). In 2000, it had 22 operating facilities along with 5000 staff (excluding retail market) to offer above 1000 products in the US and Canada; however, the marketers of this company expanded its operation the European market particularly Italian market following joint venture strategy and took technological supports from various partners, for example, Cappola Food, Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods and so on. Promotion Apart from a number of advertising methods conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, its brand Schneiders undertakes promotional activities based on its individual products; for example, discount of one dollar on subsequent purchases of Lunchmate and Fruit, and coupon to save one dollar on any pack of Schneider’s Juicy Jumbos, Red Hots and Grill ‘Ems products. However, it is arguable that rather than offering various types of pr omotional codes, Schneiders mainly focuses on promotional activity based on small discounts on the products, which creates boredom among customers; moreover, the method of offering the discounts are also not lucrative. Assessment of How Well the Marketing Strategies Worked In the Past In order to assess the extent to which the marketing mix of the company has worked in the past, it is essential to look at the financial highlights and past sales figures of the company. It is arguable that the marketing strategies have worked well in the past as the financial position and sales figures indicate that in the past, the company has performed better than its competitors and in comparison to its own position presently. The following figure shows the past performance of the company in terms of sales, financial position, and earnings per share in order to illustrate that the marketing strategies have worked well in the past, because of which the situation was better in 2005 – 2006 peri od: Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Schneiders Food’s Marketing Mix specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Figure 1: The past performance Source: MLF (1) Prospects in the Next Few Years According to MLF (2), the sales of the company has fell gradually from 2007 to 2011; in addition, although most of the multinational corporations has already recovered from the global financial crisis, falling sales in this stage when the economy is booming indicates that there are certain deficiencies in the marketing strategies of the business presently. Although the marketing strategies have worked well in the past, this requires modifications at this stage so that the consumer demands do not fall in future because of boredom with the company’s products, or because of monotonous promotional strategies. There is a requirement for diversification in the product line and initiation to offer attractive promotiona l packages. Otherwise, in the next few years, the revenues of the company will diminish significantly; however, the following figure shows how the present performance of the company is deteriorating: Figure 2: The present performanceAdvertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Source: MLF (2) Need for Change Product Because of inadequate present performance, it is necessary for the company to diversify its product line to increase the customer base; moreover, in order to boost sales, the company should offer attractive promotional packages. Price Present pricing strategy of Maple Leaf Foods needs to change though the pricing structure played vital role for the success of last year; however, it requires change because the purchasing power of the customer has decreased all over the world; therefore, it should reduce present pricing strategy to increase large customer base in local and foreign packaged processed food markets. On the other hand, Flaming (2) presented audit report on energy savings in meat processing and stated that Schneiders food had tried to reduce operating costs to offer products at comparatively lower price, for instance, it saved about $78,000 by reducing warm stand-by boiler; however, following figure shows more elaborately – F igure 3: – Steam System Energy Savings Source: – Flaming (2) Figure 4: – Refrigeration System Energy Savings Source: – Flaming (2) In this context, Maple Leaf Foods will lose strong customer base of Schneiders food if it not restructure its pricing strategy. At the same time, if the management if this company seems that they will not change pricing strategy, then they must have to rethink about their marketing plan along with value creation program. Place Business expansion strategy of Schneiders Food before acquisition was relatively slow, but effective to gain competitive advantages and increase profit margin from international market; however, the aim of this company was to consider the development of the product Life Cycle to expand its market. Mercer (1) provided information about the expansion plan in the local market and the annual report Maple Leaf Foods did not give any clear idea in this regard, but from the scenario, it can assume that Schneid ers Food followed the Uppsala internationalization model, which recommends the company to develop business in local market and starts internationalization from psychically near. According to this internationalization model, the growth would be slow; thus, this report suggests Schneiders Food to consider other expansion model, such as, born global to concentrate on rapid expansion in the prospective market like Asian market. Promotion Instead of focusing on monotonous small discounts only, there should be interesting promotional packages, for example, setting special offers for New Year festivals, Christmas Eve, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Halloween by means of special vouchers, promotional codes, and special reductions for loyal customers. On the other hand, it is notable that Maple Leaf Food has not effectively used social media in marketing the products of its Schneiders brand – as a result, there is inadequate advertisement of the brand in such an important media. By advertising through Google +, Foursquare, Twitter, Myspace, or Hi5, the company will be able to inform a large number of people about the products at the same time; this is because today, people of almost every country use this social networks to connect with the outer world notwithstanding the geography, age, gender, martial status, education, or cultures. Social-networking-websites are awesome for constructing consumer relationships; moreover, it is quite simple to connect with consumers at social websites through which the company can provide helpful information about products and update information frequently; conversely, Schneiders could share consumers’ experiences and ask for feedback; in addition, consumers will also enjoy joining the community to find information about what to buy. Works Cited Flaming, Dennis. Energy Savings in Meat Processing. 2011. Web. Mercer, Greg. Maple Leaf Foods closing Kitchener Schneider’s plant, 1,200 job s to be lost. 2011. Web. MLF. A little bit about us. 2008. Web. MLF. Annual Report of Maple Leaf Foods. 2011. Web. MLF. Investor Fact Sheet. 2008. Web. Schneiders. Overview of Schneiders food. 2011. Web. This research paper on Schneiders Food’s Marketing Mix was written and submitted by user Jazmin Lott to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Affirmative Action Case Essays

Affirmative Action Case Essays Affirmative Action Case Essay Affirmative Action Case Essay Measures of merit are biased toward cur entry empowered groups. For example, schools that are predominantly black Often Offer fewer AP classes. According to a New York Times article, Californians best high schools offer ma NY APS and honors classes which boost a students GAP with point multipliers. This raises the average applicant GAP at UCLA, for example, to 4. 2. Many of the largely black high such lolls around Los Angels, however, severely lack AP courses, making the highest possible GAP a 4. 0. Meanwhile, families in higher tier jobs can often provide their children with be deter internship and research opportunities via connections be;en colleagues that under presented races do not have. These research and internship opportunities create a distinct ad antigen for college applicants. Moreover, people in positions of power are more likely to hire from certain backgrounds regardless of popular principles, perpetuating this disparity. The white unemployment rate is 4. 9 while the black or African American unemployment rate is 10. (Asian rate is 4. 0) in January 201 5 according to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Similarly, Infeasible. Com reports that as of 201 3, black men earn only 75. 1 % of a white mans wage. Affirmative action allows the best to rise by addressing this exclusion and ball inning the advantage. Moving on to my second point Affirmative action has been making progress since its creation in 1960. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights r eports that since the I sass, students of color have increased their total college enrollment by 57. Percent, and the proportion of women earning bachelors degrees has been steadily increasing Moreover, negative effects have been observed when affirmative action programs were abolished. Statistics show that after California abolished its affirmative action programs n 1998, the minority student admissions at US Berkeley fell 61 percent, and minority Adam sessions at UCLA fell 36 percent. After Texas abolished its affirmative action program in 1996, R ice Universitys freshman class had 46 percent fewer Fragmentariness and 22 percent fewer Hispanic students. Continuing onto my final point : Affirmative action promotes ethnic diversity and more ethnic representation in in jobs and learning opportunities. This ethnic diversity is be inefficacy for society. Greater interaction and communication between ethnic groups reduce sees the possibility for misunderstanding and reduces conflict. It also increases understanding be teen these groups and therefore discourages further discrimination and can serve as a SSL w acting, long term solution to widespread attitudes of racism. Affirmative action promotes diversity in universities and creates a diverse learning environment. A study from the University of Michigan found that diverse groups are better at solving problems. Monoculture ere groups that have come from the exact same background with the same training think alike e, making the group act as essentially one person. Conversely, groups with members of dive rise backgrounds can think from a multitude of different perspectives leading to more innovative problem solving.

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Harvard Reflection Paper - The definitive Guide to Recruiting in Good Essay

Harvard Reflection Paper - The definitive Guide to Recruiting in Good Times and Bad - Essay Example ndez-Arà ¡oz, who is a top global business consultant on decisions concerning promoting and hiring of new employees, whereas the other two are reputable professors in Harvard business school (Fernandez-Araoz, 2008). Hence, they possess the required knowledge and experience regarding human capital, which is evident in this research besides other scholarly they have authored. The research has prompted me to resolve advancing in all areas of my life (Gà ¶kmen & Ãâ€"ztà ¼rk, 2012). Since, an effective and dynamic person especially in current business world requires having excellent business ethics. These encompass working on my behavior especially how to adapt to diverse settings besides learning to get along with those whom I am working with in any assigned field (Gà ¶kmen & Ãâ€"ztà ¼rk, 2012). In addition, to be a competent person in any given field, one has to learn how to develop oneself where I will keep on reinventing myself. Human nature is extremely inflexible. This is evident when it comes to the adopting any prevailing change in diverse corporations where the top executives despite intending to have a competitive advantage in the market, continue applying their obsolete tactics. Since, they believe those tactics enabled them to make outstanding achievements before, hence they are effective (Fernà ¡ndez-Arà ¡oz, Groysberg, & Nitin, 2009). This is regardless of being aware that, the global business is rapidly changing and rendering numerous old tactics being obsolete. For illustration, many corporations up to date have not adopted constant recruitment process where they only recruit when the need arises. Therefore, they end up hiring incompetent people who may not have the necessary skills besides their academic excellence to hold and even thrive in the assigned field or position. For illustration, a position may necessitate an employee to have entrepreneurial skills besides having majored in a techn ical field. Hence, it is extremely difficult for an interview panel to